Allium Vineale: Exploring the Wild World of Onion Grass

Move over ramps, the newest allium on the block that makes a tasty garlicky spread is onion grass, a.k.a. Field garlic. 

What is field garlic? what's the best way to eat it?  keep reading to learn more!

allium vineale is also known as green onion weed, wild onion grass, or field garlic.

wild garlic is a common lawn weed that grows in winter with long, slender hollow leaves similar to chives.

Since it is a non-native invasive, you can pick them to your hearts content! 

The whole plant: bulbs, stems, and leaves, are edible adding a strong garlic flavor to many dishes

To forage this plant, start by loosening the soil with a  small hand shovel and remove the entire plant

Only pick from areas not treated with pesticides Only take what you need, leave some for others and for the plant to grow and propagate.

my top foraging tip

here are some tips and easy recipes

ready to find some field garlic?