get your own place? pick up these basic pantry essentials

 Keep these pantry essentials on hand can help you ensure that you can make filing meals any time.

Down  for a  Pantry  Party? 

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honey: this sweetener is great for baked goods, raw ferments and more  

whole and ground spices: keep these in small quantities to get the freshest flavors. 

tomato paste: powerful potent, consentrated tomato flavor. 

preserved and canned meats: great protein option in pinch! 

molasses: dark, rich flavors, a sweetener great is a good shelf stable option. 

clarified butter is also known as ghee, is a great shelf stable fat that is nutty delicious

canned tomatoes: having these on hand means you are a few steps to sauce in a jiffy!

oats: the MVP, make plant based milk, a good crumble topping, or even flour in a pinch. 

dried vegetables: hot water or broth brings these foods back to life

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