discovering garlic mustard alliaria petiolata

looking to get into to foraging? check out  an invasive wild edible (I'm looking at you garlic mustard) to get started. 

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Garlic mustard, considered invasive in North America, can be safely eaten and is abundant.

It's versatile, adding flavor to various dishes like stir-fries and salads.

It is recognizable by its garlicky smell, heart-shaped leaves, and small white flowers

You can eat it all! Leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and flowers taste mildly garlicky.

Be careful when foraging to avoid mistaking it for harmful plants.

Only gather garlic mustard from clean areas, not places with chemicals.

Harvesting it can help control its growth while enjoying a free ingredient.

Incorporating garlic mustard in cooking supports conservation efforts.

Enjoying garlic mustard dishes is an easy way to be part of nature conservation.

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