how long do pickled jalapenos last?  ...and how to make them

The key to creating a sweet-tart refrigerator pickle is balancing the vinegar's acidity with sugar. Its a harmony in flavors!

Let's get into quick pickles! 

Pineapple slices are pickled with jalapeño, ginger and lime juice to make a spicy condiment that's great on tacos, burgers or anything you'd use raw hot sauce for.

how long do pickled jalapeños last? 

let's chat about quick pickles

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six months!

Prep Time: 10 Min

– jalapeño – apple cider vinegar – sugar –salt

Cook Time: 20 Min


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quick pickled jalapenos

Finely chop jalapeños, then use a spoon to carefully remove the seeds (if you want less spice)1

Add jalapeños to a 16-ounce jar Combine vinegar, sugar, salt, and n a small saucepan. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

– Pour cooled pickling liquid over top until covered.

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