how long to ferment garlic in honey

This brew one of my wellness staples. This honey ferment is easy to make ready in a couple of weeks

fermentd garlic honey it is good for:

immune support

good way to enjoy food as medicine

great way to enjoy fermented foods

delicious condiment for savory dishes

how to ferment garlic in honey

INGREDIENTS – 30 cloves of garlic – 1 cup raw honey INS

1. Place the peele d garlic cloves in a glass jar.1. Pour enough honey over the garlic to cover it completely.

1 Cover with lid and place in a cool dark spot; for the first week,

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Ready to get started? Want a hand?

Check it daily, open and "burp the jar" to release any gasses that may have built up.

Over time the raw garlic flavor mellows out and the honey takes on a savory but sweet garlic flavor.

fermented cranberry honey

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