Watch the Magic Happen: How Violet Syrup Changes Color

Who would have thought that such a deliciously sweet syrup could be so easy to make?

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– wild violets – white sugar – lemon juice

gently rinse and dry flowers add dry flowers to a jar 

Bring water to boil for 2 minutes then add water to violets 

let infusion sit overnight at room temperature 

cover with water and bring it to a boil

Add sugar to a separate jar. Pour strained violet water into a saucepan. heat on low, not boiling for two minutes.

Pour warm violet water over the sugar until it dissolves completely.

At this point it may look grey or another color.  Fear not! I've got that covered.

To get a vibrant violet color, add a *drop* of lemon juice. A little goes a long way!

Pour finished syrup into a glass bottle with a lid! Once cooled enjoy! Store in the fridge.

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