homemade black walnut liqueur

nocino turned my black walnut tree into a fun forgeable resource. enjoy the recipe for this italian amaro!

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Only harvest from areas that are not sprayed with chemicals, fallen walnuts with no or cracks bruises are best. leave some for the critters.


young black walnuts thyme orange peels vodka or grain alcohol


cover surfaces and wear gloves! Even young walnuts will stain your hands, and any surface once cut open. 

expert tip

wearing gloves, slice each walnut in half, discard any brown or discolored nuts


add young walnuts, orange peels and aromatics to a glass mason jar 


add thyme sprigs, cover with alcohol and cover with screw on top. 


Only harvest from areas that are not sprayed with chemicals, pick flowers in moderation, leave some for pollinators, 


These delicate purple flowers are a common sight in spring and have a sweet, floral flavor.


the sweet nutty flavor is great as a cocktail mixer, pairs well with coffee and chocolate

in the kitchen

nocino is a good replacement for vanilla extract but use it sparingly as it can give food a dark hue

in the kitchen

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