Lemon Honey Old Fashioned

This is a twist on the classic bourbon old fashioned cocktail. It's easy to make and tastes great!  In fact, you might even enjoy it more than the original cocktail! 

 Honey pairs well in an old fashioned without overpowering the bourbon and cuts through the richness of the liquor. It tastes like sunshine!

Why use Honey in an  Old Fashioned?


Lemon fermented honey (or 1:1 honey syrup of your choice) – Angustora bitters – bourbon or whiskey (I love love love Rowan's Creek but use what you like!) – cherry or garnish of choice

and don't forget a big square ice cube! 

Get a Chilled Glass


Add honey syrup

Make your own honey simple syrup (2:1) honey and water if you do not use fermented honey


Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Don't miss the bitters!


If you make this, let me know! 

Add 1 shot of bourbon  Mix well and enjoy!

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