How  to use  Preserved  Lemons 

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Use preserved lemons in Moroccan chicken tagine or vegetable tagines for an authentic flavor.


add preserved lemons to a variety of stews, enhancing their flavor and providing robustness.


toss in some preserved lemons into pasta sauces or use it as a garnish.

pasta dishes

grains salads like quinoa, bulgur or couscous can be greatly enhanced with chunks or slices of preserved lemons.

grain salads

Hummus, aioli, salsas, and other dips can have added zing with the addition of preserved lemons.

sauces & dips

Marinate meats or vegetables with preserved lemon juice and olive oil before grilling or roasting.


Lemon vinaigrette made with preserved lemons brings a new taste dimension to any salad.

salad dressings

Preserved lemons can be used in lemon bars, bundt cakes, madeleines, and other dessert recipes that call for lemon zest or juice.

baked goods

cocktails, lemonade, and other delightful beverages can be accented with preserved lemon peel or juice.


mix preserved lemons with olive oil and your choice of spices to make a dressing for your vegetables.

roasted or grilled veggies

this easy-to-make vinaigrette adds a zesty twist to any salad or roasted veggies.

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