Discover the Beauty of Edible Flowers

I love using edible flowers to garnish salads, desserts and drinks or used in your cooking. Here are some of my favorites.

These delicate purple flowers are a common sight in spring and have a sweet, floral flavor.


Only harvest from areas that are not sprayed with chemicals, pick flowers in moderation, leave some for pollinators, 


Use flowers as a garnish on salads, desserts or cocktails, infuse into vinegar or honey, make violet syrup or jelly.


Avoid harvesting from areas with heavy foot traffic or where pesticides have been used.


Add to tea or lemonade, sprinkle over ice cream, or use as a natural food coloring.


Make violet sugar, vinegar or oil, or dry flowers for later use.

wild violets

Violet Simple Syrup: Add a floral touch to your cocktails and drinks with this recipe


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