what does rhubarb taste like? 

is rhubarb a fruit?

Rhubarb is often used in desserts but legally considered a fruit in the US due to its culinary uses.

how does rhubarb taste

Raw rhubarb is edible but sour, often requiring sweetening.

what is rhubarb good for?

Rhubarb is good for desserts, jams, and compotes due to its tart flavor and contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

does rhubarb taste like strawberry?

Rhubarb doesn't taste like strawberry but pairs well with it.

can you eat rhubarb raw?

Raw rhubarb is safe to eat in moderation but typically requires cooking.

what is rhubarb related to?

Rhubarb is related to sorrel and buckwheat.

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