Zest or Peel for Limoncello: The Ultimate Guide

Limoncello is a sip of sunshine! Easy to make and makes a great gift. 

tired of the same old summer recipes? Feel like your taste buds are in need of an adventure? 

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Use lemons with no blemishes that are bright and sunny yellow

get good lemons

make sure to avoid the bitter pith of the lemon when grating your zest. 

grate or peel

grain alcohol is my go to for infused liqueurs, but I'll use vodka in a pinch. 

spirit of choice

combine lemon zest, your sprit and let that chill for a month


after that, strain spirit, add 1:1 simple syrup and bottle. 


let that chill for 1-2 months, chill and enjoy!


once chilled sip as an after dinner drink, enjoy over ice or...


make this limoncello spritz!

learn how to make limoncello here!