sip the serenity: mulberry leaf tea

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eat the weeds!

Mulberry trees are usually ready to be harvested during late spring or early summer, depending on your location. 

How does it taste? It is similar to green tea with subtle undertones of berries. 

many people use it as a digestive aid or tonic to strengthen their immune system during cold or flu season.

dried mulberry leaves boiled and slightly cooled water


use a heatproof container like a teapot or small saucepan.  you could also use a French press to make just one cup of tea!

heat water to boiling and then remove from heat and let it cook for 5 minutes

add leaves to a mug or tea pot and add hot water and brew for about 10 minutes

strain through a coffee filter or cheesecloth to remove debris

You can drink it hot or cold, with or without sugar and milk, on its own!

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